The Sprawl Jump

I was out shooting photos on Friday night and ended up at this place. I thought a near by art piece would make a good fisheye shot, but it turned out to be a bust. Since my other photo idea wasn’t working out I noticed this bench and I thought I might try jumping off it. Since I was wearing a t-shirt of my friend Jermey’s company I thought I’d ditch the jacket in the cold and big up his journalism project (The Sprawl). Jeremey is doing great journalism work here in Calgary and if your into the local political scene you’ll defiantly want to check him out.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

To shoot this photo I set up my camera on a tripod at its lowest setting and framed the shot. I set up one Godox V860ii flash sitting on my camera bag to camera right. Then I started jumping around like a crazy person! 😉

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

  • Also shout out to my friend Nathan Somes for assisting me with this photo.

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