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Over the past many years I had been running another Rob Moses Photography Blog that was catering specifically to brides and grooms in the Vancouver & Seattle area. I have since moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada and am basically starting from square one in regards to getting my name out in this area. Relocating cities for a wedding photographer is not exactly easy because you spend years building your name and reputation up in the area you are working in. You make industry contacts, meet loads of clients and make new friends along the way. I have enjoyed the time I spent in that process in the pacific north west and it is a little frighting to be starting it all over again. I thought blogging about the process of starting over and entering totally new market would be fun and could potentially help others who find themselves in the same situation.

With my old photography blog I was only posting wedding stuff. I found the lack of variety to get a little boring. With this new blog I plan to include all types of photography I am doing, in addition to the articles regarding my entering the Calgary wedding market. I hope the new format of this blog will be more interesting to more people.

Thank you for stopping by, Rob

* Update: More recently I decided I would just use this blog to post whatever kind of photos I am taking and possibly some random thoughts here and there. I will still try and post a little business stuff, but that doesn’t seem all that fun right now haha, so it will be more fun stuff than anything. 😉


  1. Just stubbled onto your blog. Great shots. Love the COP selfie shot. Just recently bought my first DSLR camera. No idea how to use it yet. Live in YYC also so loved seeing the different areas to test out the camera. :o)


    1. Hello Lori, thank you about my pictures! That’s great you just got a camera! I am sure you got years of fun times in your hands there now :). That’s cool you live in Calgary too! Maybe I’ll see you around. Have fun!


  2. I came here awhile ago, (recently) and it was all very gorgeous wedding shots. There were however, no likes and comments. Not sure what link I used, but this is where I thought I was going! So, I’m happy to be here again. Your work is outstanding!


    1. Oh thank you Resa, maybe you where on my website http://www.RobMoses.com ? That’s where all my wedding stuff is. However, I did have an old blog you might have stubbled on. That one was self hosted and I didn’t visit anyone else’s blog ever and didn’t promote that one properly haha. Anyhow, that blog was only wedding stuff and to me it looked a little boring unless you where about to get married haha.


      1. hi, I should have known you would have your camera! my daughter lives in Renfrew and we are staying at her apartment until we get our home back! we rented it out for a year while we travelled. I am sure we will run into you again! next time I will say hi

  3. Hi Rob, I’m a senior in high school, and we’re starting a project in my photography class on a photographer that interests up, and we have to write a paper on them, and try to imitate their work style. I looked through your pictures, and I really like the way you compose your photos. I was wondering if there was any way I could contact you, as I need more information about you then what’s on this website. If your interested I’d be happy to talk to you! Thanks, Tim.


  4. hey rob, I have followed you for some time–you were perhaps one of my original subscribers to my blog. have struggled with finding pictures I could use for my blog just as long. the problem being, i’m on social security and every pic website wants money; sometimes big bucks. it’s a free blog. all to say–I’ve always enjoyed your photos. you have a special heart in them. i’d love to share from time to time those that might be appropriate for a post. if I provided full attribution to you with a link–could I use a photo of yours from time to time–free to me?


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