Rob Moses Headshot - Media Frenzy Club - Digital Marketing & Social Media AgencyHello, my name is Rob and I am a Native American (Tlingit) photographer based out of Kelowna, British Columbia. Although my Tlingit heritage is not front and centre of all my work I try to incorporate it when I can. Beyond the obvious I am always flying the flag.

The best best thing I can say here is I take a lot of pictures, a lot of different types of pictures. Of course I shoot weddings and portraits and that stuff is wonderful and I love it, but it’s not enough for me. I need to be out all the time shooting photos and to do that I shoot all types of things. Street photography and city skylines are some of my most favourite things to shoot. I also find myself shooting more landscape than I thought I ever would. To be honest landscape photography doesn’t really get me that excited, but somehow I often find myself shooting it. I guess when your surrounded by beauty it only make sense to take the pictures. I guess that’s how I approach my photography, if it’s around me I’ll be taking pictures of it!

Hope you find some stuff you like here, thanks Rob

If you ever have any questions about photography or anything else, please feel free to leave your questions in the comment section and I’ll do my best to help you out!

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  13. Just stubbled onto your blog. Great shots. Love the COP selfie shot. Just recently bought my first DSLR camera. No idea how to use it yet. Live in YYC also so loved seeing the different areas to test out the camera. :o)

    • Hello Lori, thank you about my pictures! That’s great you just got a camera! I am sure you got years of fun times in your hands there now :). That’s cool you live in Calgary too! Maybe I’ll see you around. Have fun!

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  19. I came here awhile ago, (recently) and it was all very gorgeous wedding shots. There were however, no likes and comments. Not sure what link I used, but this is where I thought I was going! So, I’m happy to be here again. Your work is outstanding!

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  25. Hi Rob, I’m a senior in high school, and we’re starting a project in my photography class on a photographer that interests up, and we have to write a paper on them, and try to imitate their work style. I looked through your pictures, and I really like the way you compose your photos. I was wondering if there was any way I could contact you, as I need more information about you then what’s on this website. If your interested I’d be happy to talk to you! Thanks, Tim.

  26. hey rob, I have followed you for some time–you were perhaps one of my original subscribers to my blog. have struggled with finding pictures I could use for my blog just as long. the problem being, i’m on social security and every pic website wants money; sometimes big bucks. it’s a free blog. all to say–I’ve always enjoyed your photos. you have a special heart in them. i’d love to share from time to time those that might be appropriate for a post. if I provided full attribution to you with a link–could I use a photo of yours from time to time–free to me?

  27. Hello I am a high school student in the state of NC. I am taking a advanced photography class. I am writing a paper based on a photographer that inspires me. I chose to write my paper on you because your work really inspired me. In the paper I am required to include a little background information and how you feel in love with the photography world. Can you please send me this information. Thank You -Melissa

  28. Thanks for stopping by A Couple of Stars and a Happy Face and for the like. It always surprises me to see who is visiting and I am grateful for every new person I meet! You have a spectacular blog here and your work is amazing.

  29. Hey, Rob, I’m doing a report on an artist for my art class. I was wondering if you could answer a few of these question such as where are you from, do you have a studio, where did you go to school, are you teaching people photography, approximately how long have you been working as an artist, what work are you known for, and do you have any upcoming shows/exhibitions.
    please email me.

  30. Hi Rob,

    What is your email address? I would like to contact you directly about the (possible) usage of one of your images.

    Kind regards,


  31. hi rob! I am an a level student, and im really inspired by your photos. i would like to know a little more about yourself and what inspires you to take these photos.

  32. Hi Rob,
    I’m a A Level student studying Art and Design and I would love to use your ‘snow’ based photography and you as a chosen artists for this project. I would love to know you’re overall process es and techniques that you used for your photography.

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