Fujifilm X-E1 & Canon 50mm 1.2

I picked up this Fujifilm X-E1 on consignment the other day when I was down at my local camera shop. The body was there for $250, so I thought why not. At that price you can’t really go wrong. The screen has some scratches on it, but that kind of thing doesn’t bother me. I got my vintage Canon FD 50mm f/1.2 on the camera and have been testing it out for the past week. Everyday I learn something new about the camera and I think I am close to figuring out the settings so the jpegs come out the way I like. FYI, I have been shooting raw since forever, but the Fuji JPEGs are supposed to be what’s up so I’m moseying down that road right now.

The pictures bellow (except for the camera shot) are just some random shots I took with the camera. All the photos are straight out of the camera with no edits applied to the pictures. From one picture to the next I had wished I made a little adjustment here or there, but I am getting closer to what I want as the days go on. I am sure by this time next week I’ll have that thing dialled in perfect, well perfect for me at least haha.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

8 thoughts

  1. Nice! I’ve been looking into a Fuji to replace my 60D as a “walk around” camera. I always shoot RAW though – can you talk about why you are supposed to shoot JPG on this cam?

    • Well it’s not that your suppose to, it’s just that the JPEG’s are so good you don’t NEED to shoot raw. Even if you mess up a picture you can still lift detail out of the shadows on the JPEG’s. But a lot of the time the JPEG’s are good to go straight out of the camera with no further editing required. . . My friend and I were out shooting this weekend, me with the Fujifilm and him with the 5D Mark III. We both took a picture of these three people and then looked at each other’s photos afterwards and it was without a doubt the fuji was good to go, but the Canon shot would require a lot of editing. Don’t get me wrong Canon files are wonderful and I don’t want to take anything away from them, but if you’re looking to spend less time in front of your computer Fujifilm might interest you. That is my main interest in the cameras at least.

      • Nice! Yeah I love raw but the processing does take time. Your shots looked great on this post. Also love you used an FD 1.2… I have a few spare 1.4 FDs that I could use on a Fuji like this. Think you’ve convinced me to seek one out. Thanks for the reply!

      • Awesome! I hope you find a good one. Let me know if you want any tips on settings when you get one :). Awesome you got a FD 50 1.4, it’s probably better than my 1.2, this one is a little soft wide open haha. Good luck on the search!

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