Hipster Camera on The Hip

exif data rob moses Canon 6d 50mm 1.4

I had the idea for this shot for one reason, to show off the cool looking Canon A-1. I think the A1 looks extra cool with the grip attached to it, so I was thinking of how I could get a good picture with the camera being the main focal point and not just have it sitting there. I love a good skyline picture and I love bokeh, so I thought this little mixture would make a good shot.

Getting this shot was not easy, I was pre-focsuing because I left my RC1 remote at home. So I put a can on ground, pre-focused there, recomposed, put the camera on a 10 second timer and took my spot in the frame. After a dozen or so shots, I finally came up with this one. I actually had a friend with me and he could have easily shot the photo for me, but then it wouldn’t exactly be all mine would it? haha. Plus, the challenge of getting the shot on my own was half the fun :).

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Click image to view in a larger size.

Click image to view in a larger size.

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