Running with a View

I was out getting some shots of the Calgary skyline yesterday and while I was there I shot a couple pictures of some girls running. This path they were running on is a great place to run because of the beautiful view of the city. I personally don’t run, but this view is almost enuf to make me take it up! haha.

Woman Running jogging Skyline Calgary Canada Famous Celbrity beautiful girl Path River YYC BW Black & White - Rob Moses Photography

Anyhow, about these pictures. The first one I shot with a Canon 5D mark iii and 50mm 1.4. The focus was a bit off (I shot at f/1.4) and it took a lot of lightroom/photoshop to bring it back from the dead, but I like the picture so I’d say it was worth it. Funny thing about this picture is I had a 2nd chance at a shot of this girl as she came by me again coming the other direction, however on my 2nd go I started shooting to early and the auto focus hit the buildings behind her, WHOOPS! As for the 2nd picture, I took that one with my HTC One phone and did the edit with the Snapseed app.

Click to view larger image.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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  1. Hi Rob,
    I am currently building a new website for my running coaching business and I love your black and white images. Would you consider letting me use your images for my website? If so, what would you charge?
    Many thanks,

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