Off in Cancun



If you follow me on Instagram (@RobMoses) then you probably already know I was hanging out in Cancun Mexico over the last week or so. If you don’t follow me on IG, Hello! sorry for the disappearance! 😉 haha. Anyhow, my family and I took a little time off and did some serious relaxing by the beach. I shot a few photos while I was down there and actually made couple video’s too. Here is one of my favourite sunset shots from the trip and the videos. I’ll get a proper post together in the next couple days.

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Click photo to view in a larger size.

Click photo to view in a larger size.


1000th Instagram Post!

I hit my 1000th post on Instagram yesterday! I though I’d do something a little fun for that post and put this picture together. I shot the photo with my Sony A7ii & 24-70mm sitting on a railing on a 10 second, 5 shot sequence timer. I sent the picture straight to my phone and added the text using the Moldiv app. If your on Instagram give me a follow! I’m @RobMoses there :).

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Click to view photo in a larger size.

Click to view photo in a larger size.

Oh Deer Vernon

Camera: Canon 6D & 70-200mm f4 IS at 200mm ~ Settings: f/4 – 1/500th – ISO 320

Yesterday I hopped on a little plane and flew out to Vernon, BC Canada. My parents in-law live in Vernon and I met up with my wife and kids who were already here. No longer then 30 minutes after arriving at the house my son told me to come take a look out in the back yard. To my wonderful surprise I saw this beautiful creature standing at the bird feeder having a nice little snack from him self haha. I quickly snapped a picture with my phone (insurance) and then bolted for the guest bedroom for my camera. I swapped the lens and went burnning back! Thankfully I was able to cap this shot off before he decided it was time to bounce :).

Camera:  iPhone 4s

Camera: iPhone 4s

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Side Note: I did this post on my ipad. I edited the deer photo with the Pixelmator ipad app and edited the airplane photo with the snapseed app on my iphone. 

Calgary From My iPhone

It is finally getting nice around here in Calgary and snapped this shot yesterday afternoon with my iPhone 4s. I did an edit on the photo using the Snapseed app.

Processed with MoldivCamera: iPhone 4s

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Instagram, Twitter, TV

Calgary Alberta Canada Icicles houses Bow Tower BMW - Rob Moses Photography - Instagram iphone - Vancouver Seattle Photographer.jpgCamera: iPhone 4s – Settings: No settings (edited the picture in the Snapseed App)

Yesterday morning I posted this picture to Instagram & Twitter. Not long after I posted the picture on Twitter I was contacted by @craig_larkins, a local CBC News Weather Man about the picture. He basically said he liked the picture and he was going to share it on the news during his weather cast that night! I shared the news clip on my Instagram account after it had aired and have posted it here too. Fun stuff! 🙂


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Calgary Winter Skyline

I posted this picture to my Twitter and personal Facebook Sunday night and got quite a positive response from people. So I thought I’d share it here with you guys too. I took this picture with my HTC One phone! The first attempt at this shot turned out a little blurry, so I looked for something to rest the phone on to steady my shot. Almost right in front of me was a square little poll with a flat surface, exactly what I needed. I rested the phone on the post and shot the photo with the in camera HDR mode. I then edited the picture with an app called Snapseed. I am super happy with how the picture turned out, goes to show you don’t need a $3000 camera to get some good shots :).

Calgary Alberta Canada City Skyline Winter - Rob Moses Photogarphy - HTC One Phone HDR Snapseed Camera: HTC One Phone ~ Settings: HDR Mode

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Running with a View

I was out getting some shots of the Calgary skyline yesterday and while I was there I shot a couple pictures of some girls running. This path they were running on is a great place to run because of the beautiful view of the city. I personally don’t run, but this view is almost enuf to make me take it up! haha.

Woman Running jogging Skyline Calgary Canada Famous Celbrity beautiful girl Path River YYC BW Black & White - Rob Moses Photography

Anyhow, about these pictures. The first one I shot with a Canon 5D mark iii and 50mm 1.4. The focus was a bit off (I shot at f/1.4) and it took a lot of lightroom/photoshop to bring it back from the dead, but I like the picture so I’d say it was worth it. Funny thing about this picture is I had a 2nd chance at a shot of this girl as she came by me again coming the other direction, however on my 2nd go I started shooting to early and the auto focus hit the buildings behind her, WHOOPS! As for the 2nd picture, I took that one with my HTC One phone and did the edit with the Snapseed app.

Click to view larger image.

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Editing Photos On My Ipad

I recently went on a little vacation to a couple select towns in British Columbia. On this trip I decided to try and pack a little light, so I took one camera, 2 lenses and an ipad for gear. I wasn’t planning on editing any of the photos from my trip till I got home. However, after I got what I thought was a great shot of my son blowing apart a dried up dandelion, I couldn’t wait to work on the photo.

In the past I have edited pictures I took with my phone with a number of different apps on my iphone and ipad. So I decided to try one of my favourite apps “Snapseed”  on this picture. To my delighted surprise the app was able to process my RAW file, I then went about my regular work flow. After I finished editing the photo I opened the photo in another app called Over HD to add my website address watermark on the photo. Although I am sure I could have got better results with Photoshop or Lightroom I am rather happy with the out come and I would not hesitate to edit more photos on the go with the app.

Here are a couple of the photos I edited on my ipad 🙂

Child dandelion - Rob Moses photography - famous photo kids

Child dandelion - Rob Moses photography - famous photo kid

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