Calgary Winter Skyline

I posted this picture to my Twitter and personal Facebook Sunday night and got quite a positive response from people. So I thought I’d share it here with you guys too. I took this picture with my HTC One phone! The first attempt at this shot turned out a little blurry, so I looked for something to rest the phone on to steady my shot. Almost right in front of me was a square little poll with a flat surface, exactly what I needed. I rested the phone on the post and shot the photo with the in camera HDR mode. I then edited the picture with an app called Snapseed. I am super happy with how the picture turned out, goes to show you don’t need a $3000 camera to get some good shots :).

Calgary Alberta Canada City Skyline Winter - Rob Moses Photogarphy - HTC One Phone HDR Snapseed Camera: HTC One Phone ~ Settings: HDR Mode

Thank you for stopping by, Rob

22 thoughts

  1. Nice one Bob, thanks for sharing. Although good equipment does help in the craft, it really is the person behind the camera that makes the image. A great photographer with mediocre gear is always better than a mediocre photographer with great gear.

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