Selfie in the Night

After everyone at my house went to bed I decided I’d get out and shoot a photo. As soon as I got my gear in my car a light snow started to fall! I almost packed it in, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to take the few minutes drive to some buildings and see if I could find a covered area. Lucky for me when I got around some bigger buildings, it wasn’t snowing.

I shot this photo with my camera on a tripod with a 10 second timer. I used one Godox V860ii flash on the ground bare to camera right. It took a few tries to get something I was happy with. This picture was the last shot I took and it was just in time, as the parking lot security had just showed up to see what I was up too haha.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

6 thoughts

  1. I’m a little thick – I zoomed in and saw a very old Canon film camera (well I think that’s what I saw) and being a digital world I started to scratch my head. Then of course I saw your exif details and went quiet. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for the penny to drop wth me but it was worth the wait. Superb pic sir

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