Autumn in Calgary

I shot this photo a few weeks ago and wasn’t going to share it because I thought it would make a better night shot. Then I figured there is no reason to not share both. I took this picture from the parking garage of a local college (SAIT). I was looking for portrait locations and while I was looking around I just snapped this photo for the heck of it. It aint bad, maybe a little heavy on the parking lot though.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

3 thoughts

      • Interesting… from many years ago I had my point-and-shoot, when I only had a point-and-shoot, set to 16:9 as default. For architectural shots the extra length of the image seemed to emphasise the horizontals and verticals of buildings.
        I also thought I was getting more of my image – the extra bit of length, rather than the extra bit of width with 3:2.
        When I bought a DSLR last year it took me a long while, searching the settings, looking at the manual and trawling the internet, to realise it only had 4:3 and 3:2 formats!
        Now often I’ll take a shot with the intention of cropping it post-production to 16:9, but I like framing shots in the viewfinder in interesting ways, so that is something I’ve lost.

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