Flames Burning The Canucks

Camera: Canon 6D & 28mm 1.8 ~ Settings: f/14 – 1/125th – ISO 400

If you’re a hockey fan than you probably know the Calgary Flames have made the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs! And if your from Calgary, you know we are playing our arch rivals the Vancouver Canucks in the first round. So to kick things off right around here I had to let it be known how it’s going down. We’ll be burning those bastards up from the first puck drop! 😀

Now about the photo. I had my Canon 6D set up on a tripod and triggered the camera with my Canon RC-1 remote. I had another tripod to camera left with a Canon 580EX ii pointing at me. Since I am originally from Vancouver, I had a jersey collecting dust in my closet. I didn’t actually burn the jersey though, for 2 reasons. One, I’m from Vancouver and still like that jersey haha. And 2, it was really windy and even if I could get the jersey to burn the flames wouldn’t have gone straight up and effect wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic. After I did the initial edit of the photo I photoshopped in the flames burning the jersey.

I expect to take a lot of flack from all my Vancouver friends and family over this picture haha. But I’ve been in Calgary for 3 years now and I started backing up this team the day I got here. As soon as that first hockey season started 3 years ago I was a straight up traitor Calgary Flame. For me it’s all about the home team and this is my home now. GO FLAMES!

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

25 thoughts

  1. I love your photo Rob, it’s amazing! I had been in Calgary many years before I let go of my home town team, the Habs. Like you, I’m now a Flames fan through and through! ❤
    Diana xo

    • Haha that’s cool. I lived in Toronto for 5 years and when I moved there I was still all about the Canucks for the first 2 or 3 years and it was difficult to follow them. Finally I started cheering for the Leafs. This time around I decided I was going to waste any time ;). Thanks about the picture!

  2. Hey dong licker. You give bandwagen jumpers a bad name!! Just so you know the golf courses in Calgary will open the day the flames loss!!

  3. hahhah GAYYYYYY…… canuccks are way too good for these chumps. experience will trump this excited flames and they will drown with the orca. It will be a good series but you seem like a bandwagoner gone wild lol, probably dont know much about hockey.

    • Well I can assure you 3 years ago when I got on this “Bandwagon”, they were loosing a hell of a lot of games haha, so not sure that make much sense. As for my hockey knowledge, I played hockey all through my childhood and into my early 20’s and have watched the game since I can remember, so I’m sure I know the game just as well as any Canadian kid. I’m not saying I know everything, as I am not in the hockey business, but I do know my way around the game. Thanks for your comment.

  4. We know it is just a game but when you put out there that you lived in Van and jumped over right away and you are saying this at playoff time, well you as Russell Peters has said “Gonna get a hurtin real bad”

    • Haha nice Russell Peters throw back! Dudes funny :). Not only did I live in Vancouver, but I was born in Vancouver haha. Personally I don’t live and die by any hockey team Pat. Just a fun game to watch. Thanks for your comment.

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