Hawaii Wedding: Chelsea & Zenon

Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting my sister in-law’s wedding in Hawaii! It was my first time shooting a wedding in that kind of crazy heat and the weather was unpredictable. On the day of the wedding we had a sprinkle of rain before the action started and it was totally cloudy when the ceremony started, but by the end of the ceremony the sky’s had started to clear up! That is some fast changing weather! Good thing it was changing in the right direction.

Since I know Chelsea and Zenon so well already, shooting their wedding was super casual and it was a blast! I always enjoy shooting weddings and all the events that take place, but this one was extra special to me since it was a family affair. Everyone that made the trip was super happy to be there and the whole wedding was beautiful. These types of conditions make getting good pictures a breeze. 🙂

Thanks for the fun times you two!



Rugby Wedding: Lindsay & Vinny

Clearly Lindsay and Vinny both love Rugby! Oh and their cute dog, who played a big part in their wedding. When I first met with Lindsay and Vinny they told me they wanted to do some type of Ruby wedding shots and right away I was excited, because I had never done any wedding shots like that and I knew it would be fun. When wedding time came around it wasn’t often I didn’t see that ruby ball kicking around and their dog was definitely there for everything too. Lindsay and Vinny were super fun and easy to work with. Their wedding party and parents were a joy to be around and I think we all had a wonderful time together!

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Note: The two people who caught the bouquet and garter belt(it was on the ball) are a couple. 🙂

Thanks for a fun wedding Lindsay & Vinny!


Lake House Wedding: Sunyoung & Santi

exif-data-rob-moses-canon-24-70mm-f2-8-l-5d-mark-iiiAnytime I book a wedding in late October or early November in Calgary I worry about how the weather will be. Usually this time of year we are walking around in snow! Sunyoung and Santi’s November wedding definitely had me concerned about what kind of weather we were going to be dealing with. Lucky for us, the weather was great! Well, at first it was decent, as in not snowing or cold. Since the ceremony was indoors the overcast sky didn’t really bother me.

Of course the ceremony went wonderful and since this was a day wedding we had an amazing lunch at the Lake House at Lake Bonavista. As usual I was moving around the venue shooting my photos, all while keeping my eye on the windows to see how the skies were looking. Once it was time for us to leave the venue to our photo shoot the skies had yet to clear up. Overcast can be a wonderful friend while shooting wedding photos, but some blue sky and sun is always nice too. Either way I’ll make it work, but then I saw a few breaks in the sky and had my fingers crossed for a bit of sun.

As luck would have it, about 20 minutes into our photo shoot the sun decided to make an appearance and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! We had just finished setting up by the river and wa-la, the sun! I couldn’t have been happier and I am sure Sunyoung & Santi feel the same way.

All photos shot with a Canon 5D mark iii, 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8 & 1 580EXii Speedlite

Click to view photos in a larger size.


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Flames Burning The Canucks

Camera: Canon 6D & 28mm 1.8 ~ Settings: f/14 – 1/125th – ISO 400

If you’re a hockey fan than you probably know the Calgary Flames have made the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs! And if your from Calgary, you know we are playing our arch rivals the Vancouver Canucks in the first round. So to kick things off right around here I had to let it be known how it’s going down. We’ll be burning those bastards up from the first puck drop! 😀

Now about the photo. I had my Canon 6D set up on a tripod and triggered the camera with my Canon RC-1 remote. I had another tripod to camera left with a Canon 580EX ii pointing at me. Since I am originally from Vancouver, I had a jersey collecting dust in my closet. I didn’t actually burn the jersey though, for 2 reasons. One, I’m from Vancouver and still like that jersey haha. And 2, it was really windy and even if I could get the jersey to burn the flames wouldn’t have gone straight up and effect wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic. After I did the initial edit of the photo I photoshopped in the flames burning the jersey.

I expect to take a lot of flack from all my Vancouver friends and family over this picture haha. But I’ve been in Calgary for 3 years now and I started backing up this team the day I got here. As soon as that first hockey season started 3 years ago I was a straight up traitor Calgary Flame. For me it’s all about the home team and this is my home now. GO FLAMES!

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A Photo of Taking a Picture

Camera: Canon 6D & 17-40L at 22mm ~ Settings: f/4 – 0.5 seconds – ISO 4000

Last night I went out to shoot some photos downtown. After about 4 different locations I ended up here. At first I was just getting some skyline shots with the fence in the foreground, and then the idea to hop on the fence struck me. I hopped up on the fence triggering my camera with my trusty Canon RC-1 remote. Inspiration struck again with this idea. I shot this photo about 16 different times with a variation of different settings. I had to make sure the shutter didn’t stay open to long, because keeping that arm still enough to keep the phone sharp was quite a challenge. In the end a relatively quick aperture setting and a high ISO did the trick.

Oh and by the way, I didn’t actually take that picture with my phone haha. Getting a half decent shot of the skyline at night handheld with and iPhone 4s is near impossible. And yes I know, I need to update my iPhone ;).

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Floating Around in the Fog

Camera: Canon 5D mark iii & 16-35L ii at 35mm ~ Settings: f/2.8 – 1/400th – ISO 2500

It has been rather foggy around Calgary these days. Yesterday I decided to take a picture of myself on the path in front of my house. My original idea was to shoot a photo of me just standing in the path with my camera and I did that. When reviewing the photos on the cameras LCD I thought the photo could use a little extra zip, and the idea to jump popped into my head. I think the levitating look adds a real fun element to the shot.

Man walking dog cute pug doggie path yyc fog foggy guy trees nice - Rob Moses Photography Calgary Photographer Photographers Native American Famous un celebrity Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Good Canadian

Camera: Canon 5D mark iii & 16-35L ii at 35mm ~ Settings: f/4.5 – 1/125th – ISO 2000

I used a Canon RC-1 remote on a 2 second timer to trigger my camera which was on a tripod behind me. I shot about a dozen of these, because I had to make sure I jumped right at the perfect time to be in the air when the shutter clicked. I also didn’t want my clothes to look like they were flapping around either. At first I was wearing a hoody on while doing this, but it just didn’t look right. It was only after the fact that I noticed my shirt matched my lens haha. Just good luck there.

As for the second shot, since I was clearly taking up the whole path way I had the opportunity to say hello to a few people from the neighbourhood. I snapped a quick shot of this friendly guy and his dog as they walked by. Nothing like getting in people’s way to spark up a little dialog. 😉

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Side Note: If anyone is wondering, in the picture I’m holding a Canon 6D & 70-200mm f/2.8 IS in my hand.

Fun in Port Townsend

While I was in Port Townsend, Washington this past summer I was out with my 2 boys and wanted to get a picture of us together. I set up my camera on tripod and used my Canon RC1 remote to shoot the photo. I can’t remember what we where laughing at, but it was a good time and memory, and that’s all that matters :).

Family boys brothers father Port Townsend WA PNW washington NYC Brookly Williamsburg - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Calgary Photographer Photographers Native American Famous Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Good Canadian Awesome LifestyleCamera: Canon 6D & 50mm 1.4 ~ Settings: f/8 – 1/125th – ISO 500

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Skateboard Selfie!

I’m taking it back to the old school here with this dorky skateboarding self-portrait I shot yesterday haha. I had 2 flashes set up for this shot. I had one 580ex ii on camera left about the hight of the top stair pointing up and another on camera right about shoulder height. I trigged the camera with a Canon RC-1 remote, which is in my right hand pointing at the camera :).

Blog Blogger Skateboard Selfie skateboarding peace self portrait - Rob Moses Photography - Seattle Vancouver Calgary Photographer Native American PhotographersCamera: Canon 6D & 17-40L @17mm ~ Settings: 1/800th – f/10 – ISO 200

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More Of This Guy

Another self portrait here :). This time I decided I’d try a little harder lighting, so I used a silver bounce umbrella to camera left with a Canon 580EX ii Speedlite shooting into it. I also had a silver reflector sitting in front of me on a slight angle facing myself. I usually prefer to use a softer light, but I thought I’d just mix it up a little.

Blogger Self Portrait - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Calgary Photographer PhotographersCamera: Canon 6D & 50mm 1.4 ~ Settings: 1/60th – f/1.8 – ISO 400

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Jumping Around

I seen some people with these jumping pictures here and there and I thought I’d give it a go haha. Maybe next time I’ll make a better face and look at the camera! LOL.

Self Portrait jump jumping park Calgary yyc - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Photographer Photographers - fly hover bokeh still airCamera: Canon 6D & 135L ~ Settings: 1/4000th – f/2 – ISO 100

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