A Photo of Taking a Picture

Camera: Canon 6D & 17-40L at 22mm ~ Settings: f/4 – 0.5 seconds – ISO 4000

Last night I went out to shoot some photos downtown. After about 4 different locations I ended up here. At first I was just getting some skyline shots with the fence in the foreground, and then the idea to hop on the fence struck me. I hopped up on the fence triggering my camera with my trusty Canon RC-1 remote. Inspiration struck again with this idea. I shot this photo about 16 different times with a variation of different settings. I had to make sure the shutter didn’t stay open to long, because keeping that arm still enough to keep the phone sharp was quite a challenge. In the end a relatively quick aperture setting and a high ISO did the trick.

Oh and by the way, I didn’t actually take that picture with my phone haha. Getting a half decent shot of the skyline at night handheld with and iPhone 4s is near impossible. And yes I know, I need to update my iPhone ;).

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

15 thoughts

  1. Great shot and I didn’t think the phone was shopped until i read the post! Also, I’m still rocking the 4s too – it’s lasted longer than any phone I’ve ever had 🙂

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