Cammy Hockey

My 6 year old son has started playing hockey this year. Well it’s more of a hockey camp, but it’s the first time he’s been on a proper rink with all the gear. He’s been hanging around the rink watching his older brother Joshua play for the past few years and he finally decided he wanted to give it a go. Yesterday was his second day on the ice and he loves it!

Note: I shot all these photos through the thick (puck scuffed) plexiglass, so the images aren’t as sharp and bang on as they would otherwise be.

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Flames Burning The Canucks

Camera: Canon 6D & 28mm 1.8 ~ Settings: f/14 – 1/125th – ISO 400

If you’re a hockey fan than you probably know the Calgary Flames have made the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs! And if your from Calgary, you know we are playing our arch rivals the Vancouver Canucks in the first round. So to kick things off right around here I had to let it be known how it’s going down. We’ll be burning those bastards up from the first puck drop! 😀

Now about the photo. I had my Canon 6D set up on a tripod and triggered the camera with my Canon RC-1 remote. I had another tripod to camera left with a Canon 580EX ii pointing at me. Since I am originally from Vancouver, I had a jersey collecting dust in my closet. I didn’t actually burn the jersey though, for 2 reasons. One, I’m from Vancouver and still like that jersey haha. And 2, it was really windy and even if I could get the jersey to burn the flames wouldn’t have gone straight up and effect wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic. After I did the initial edit of the photo I photoshopped in the flames burning the jersey.

I expect to take a lot of flack from all my Vancouver friends and family over this picture haha. But I’ve been in Calgary for 3 years now and I started backing up this team the day I got here. As soon as that first hockey season started 3 years ago I was a straight up traitor Calgary Flame. For me it’s all about the home team and this is my home now. GO FLAMES!

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