A Walk in Chinatown

I was in Chinatown the other day here in Calgary and I took a few street shots. I decided to shoot 35mm just to mix things up a little and force my self to get a little closer to my subjects. I definitely prefer 50 over 30, but it’s fun to get a little closer every now and then.

Calgary Street couple boyfriend girlfriend man woman sidewalk urban city chinatown chinese bokeh famous tower - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Photographer PhotographersCamera: Canon 5D mark iii & 16-35mm @35mm ~ Settings: 1/200th – f/2.8 – ISO 100

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

5 thoughts

  1. Curious how you handle taking photos of strangers on the street. I find I’m very uncomfortable as a photographer of people yet I want to get more people shots. I’ve started to ask folks if they mind and I get some good portrait shots, but not great life as usual shots. Is there a happy medium? Do you ever get really comfortable?

    • Hello Angela, a very good question. Yes at times I can be a little uncomfortable, but I just make sure to put my self in the right situation. For instance I find when shooting people in the streets it is easiest (for me) to take pictures as they are walking by in the opposite direction I am walking. It also helps to do it on busier streets with a lot going on. I would probably avoid a situation like if it was you and one other person at a suburban bus stop or something haha. In a one on one situation like that I would just ask :). Anyhow, I hope that helps! Just get out there and do it! Take the picture and ask (or more likely answer in this case) questions later haha.

      • It is getting easier, that’s for sure. The more I photograph people, the less anxious I get. And I’m starting to get some really good shots! Thanks so much Rob.

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