Nice Place

So I was walking around Waikiki one day just looking around and taking in the sights when I passed by this beautiful hotel. I stopped and admired it for a moment, took a picture and went on my way. I’m sure this hotel is just as nice on the inside, but without a doubt the …

BMX Riders Be Crazy!

About a month ago I took my 2 sons up to Edmonton to check out a skateboard & BMX contest. I grew up skateboarding, so while I was having fun watching the skaters, my sons were much more interested in the BMX’ers and I don’t blame them. These guys are crazy! The high flying flips …

PDX Corner

Just the corner of a random street in Portland. These pictures are from quite awhile ago. I was just passing by here one day and snapped the shots without much thought. I came across the pictures on my computer this morning and figured I’d share them. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Down The Alley

I shot this photo this past summer in Nelson, BC Canada. The twinkle lights on the deck make a wonderful atmosphere and Nelson has some great alley views. This alley is probably my favourite because I love brick and the rolling street down this alley looks cool to me. The lights over the deck are …

Out in These Streets

I was out kicking around Calgary last night shooting some photos. It wasn’t a particularly nice night for it, because the sky was rather dark, but there were people out and the atmosphere of the city made up for the dark skies. I met 4 different people and we all followed each other on Instagram. …

Sunny Beach

I took this picture while I was down in Cancun Mexico last. This particular beach seemed to get a ton of sun and had some really beautiful blue water. The sand was nice, the people were cool and I loved it! I kinda wish I was there right now to be honest with you. 😎

Director Park Portland

Portland, Oregon has some wonderful public spaces downtown. This one is especially nice! Super clean, good food and a nice location. If your ever kicking around Portland I’m sure (I hope) you’ll find yourself walking by here at some point. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Ski Village Sign

I took this picture up at the Silver Start Mountain Resort in Vernon, BC. I though the snow on the sign with the ski village background looked just perfect. I didn’t get anything at the bistro so I can’t speak to their product, but the sign is good! 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Mexican Stars & Streets

I shot this one last year while I was staying at some resort between Cancun and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I didn’t have a tripod with me at the time so I couldn’t get the composition exactly how I would have liked it. I just rested my camera on a ledge and shot a long …

Steam Plant

This amazing place is a wonderful restaurant in Spokane, Washington called Steam Plant. The name of the restaurant pretty much says it all. As you have probably guessed, the restaurant was originally a actual steam plant. I love when people take old factories and stuff and turn them into something new. Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Fireworks Over Calgary

Here is a little Calgary Stampede fireworks action from Sunday night. Fireworks are always a struggle to shoot. You need get a good one in the first few moments or the smoke takes over the scene and it usually doesn’t look as good. Thankfully I got this shot off before the smoke got to crazy. Thanks for stopping by, …