The Minion Tourist

rob moses exif data Canon 50D Tamron 17-50mm VCI don’t know about you, but I like these little Minions! This little toy belongs to my son and I thought it would be a fun picture to take as if the Minion was a tourist haha. The 2nd shot of him was from inside my car. The Minion was standing on the edge of the passenger side door and there is a tree with lights behind him.

Bokeh Minion Tourist tree skyline yyc winter jacket fun Rob Moses Photography Calgary Vancouver Seattle Spokane Photographer WA BC Native American Tlingit Ojibaway famous un celebrity Canadian best

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Click photo to view in a larger size.

Click photo to view in a larger size.


9 thoughts

  1. LOL…No one can take pics of Minions like you! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Moreover, have the happiest, best wonderful & amazing Christmas with your family & especially your son. Time passes quickly. Savor the moments, and your pics will fill your heart with the flavor of the moment when you look back.
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS โญ โญ

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