Doggie from a Walk

rob moses exif data canon t2i tamron 17-50mmOn Sunday I went to this cool Instagram meet up put on by @YYCinstameets. Everyone met up by the store down the street from my house and then we all went on a photo walk around my neighbourhood. It was pretty cool! This cute little doggy came along for the trip and I snapped this shot of him at the end of the walk.

Since this was an Instagram thing I figured I’d just share my Instagram picture from the day rather than a bunch of pictures here :). If your on Instagram, give me a follow and I’ll follow you back!

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Click photo to view in a larger size.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

2 thoughts

  1. I’m not on Instagram. I have enough just keeping up with my blog & my semi-neglected Twitter! What I’d like to join is the next big social media thing & I invented it! Okay, back to dreaming!
    Oh, the doggie shot is beyond adorable!

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