Street Meat & Subways

Camera: Canon 6D & 17-40L at 28mm ~ Settings: f/18 – 1/100th – ISO 400

When I lived in Toronto, we called these hotdog vendors “Street Meat” haha. I’m not sure what they call them in Edmonton, but I’m sure the Street Meat is just as good :). The dome of windows behind the people buying hotdogs is the entry to the subway station. Edmonton got it right on when they decided to put the subway underground downtown straight off the bat. Calgary on the other hand put the train above ground and down a main street downtown. The city said they would put it underground at a later date,,, right! Ya that’s not EVER going to happen. Good job, whoever’s idea that was. Sure would be nice to be in a warm underground subway station in the middle of one of Calgary’s very long and cold winters!

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

6 thoughts

  1. Fat Franks is an icon, we call them by name! And we refer to the subway as the LRT. We should have followed Calgary’s example and called it the E-Train, that has a good ring to it 🙂

  2. Do you ever encounter people who don’t want their picture taken, or are weird about how you’re planning to use the pictures? Just curious, as I’m starting to do more photography myself and I’m sort of self-conscious about that. Have a good weekend Rob.

    • You know, I have had almost zero issues with anyone being weird or them not wanting me to take their picture. The only person that ever said anything to me was another photographer of all people! haha. Which is crazy, because I get right up in peoples faces sometimes haha. The time with the photographer was quite a surprise. He was an asian fellow and I only mention that because he wasn’t Canadian or American, so maybe it had something to do with the cultural difference. Anyhow, we were on a frozen lake in Lake Louis, Alberta and he was taking a picture of an ice sculpture, I walked up right beside him and took a picture of him taking a picture and he turned and said “Did you take my picture?” I said yes, he said “why?”, I said because I’m a photographer, then he just asked me not to post it on Facebook or anything. I told him I wouldn’t and I didn’t post that picture anywhere. You’d think of all people another photographer would be all cool with you doing whatever with your pictures, but not this guy. That was the only time anyone ever said anything to me. For the most part people just smile or ignore me all together, the latter being more common :).

      • Great story Rob — funny. I like the image of you getting up in people’s faces, that’s good. I don’t have the nerve to do that. I don’t look like a photographer yet, either. It’s this clumsy apparatus that makes me nervous because I’m worried I’ll damage it. I have to get over that. Pens are a lot easier to lose or not worry about, you know. Cheers! – Bill

      • Oh ya Bill, don’t worry about damaging anything. I have dropped my camera on occasion and they can usually take a little tumble. However, I have also broken a few lens too! haha. Just part of the experience my man ;).

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