Around The Bridge Shooting Mobile

Last week I decided to dig out my Sony QX100 and snap a couple of photos with it when I was walking downtown one day. In the first shot, I was crouching on the grassy hill by the street waiting for a biker to come by, when this guy came zooming I got the shot I was after :). In the 2nd shot I was perched on this little bridge look out and just took the shot when I had a few interesting people in the shot to hold down the bottom edge of the shot.

If you’re not familiar with the Sony QX100, it attaches (or not) to your phone via wifi and uses your phone as the view finder. It then saves a 18mp shot to a micro SD and a 2mp shot to your phone for sharing (there are many other saving options). The images are pretty good considering what it is, but the lens/camera is not exactly that mobile, as it does not fit comfortably in your pants pocket.


Camera: Sony QX100 with iPhone 4S ~ Edited in Snapseed App

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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  1. Calgary’s skyline is getting more and more filled in. A city that appears to be making great progress (I haven’t been there in ages, so the photos were rather surprising!). Artistically processed photos, Rob. They certainly are vibrant and eye catching!

    • Thanks Mike! Yes, from what I gather Calgary has grown an insane amount in the last 10 or 20 years. Even in the last 2 years since I got here I have seen buildings springing up at a rapid pace :). You should come out for a visit one of these days!

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