Sunset Over There

I went out on Sunday night hopping to get a shot of the sunset over the Eastside of downtown Calgary. I stopped off at couple different spots before landing on this location. I made my way down the side of this little hill, set my camera up and waited. Unfortunately there were too many clouds over the mountains to the west and not enough over the buildings over the east side of the city. Not all was lost though, because I was able to get this shot and to be honest I am happy things worked out the way they did, because I would never have set out to take this angle and now that I see the finished product I rather like it. 🙂

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Around The Bridge Shooting Mobile

Last week I decided to dig out my Sony QX100 and snap a couple of photos with it when I was walking downtown one day. In the first shot, I was crouching on the grassy hill by the street waiting for a biker to come by, when this guy came zooming I got the shot I was after :). In the 2nd shot I was perched on this little bridge look out and just took the shot when I had a few interesting people in the shot to hold down the bottom edge of the shot.

If you’re not familiar with the Sony QX100, it attaches (or not) to your phone via wifi and uses your phone as the view finder. It then saves a 18mp shot to a micro SD and a 2mp shot to your phone for sharing (there are many other saving options). The images are pretty good considering what it is, but the lens/camera is not exactly that mobile, as it does not fit comfortably in your pants pocket.


Camera: Sony QX100 with iPhone 4S ~ Edited in Snapseed App

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Nice & Frozen Calgary

I went out last night around 6:30pm to take this picture. Little did I know just how cold it was. Once I set up my tripod, I whipped out my phone to check the temperature because I was already freezing. It was a bone chilling – 8 F! (-22C). I was only able to get 8 shots off before my toes were so cold they started to hurt! I took this as my que to head home (thankfully I live like 3 or 4 minutes from this location). Funny thing about this little outing is this picture was the very first one I took haha.

Calgary Alberta Canada Skyline downtown buildings bow river famous centre street bridge night YYC winter - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Photographer-1Camera: Pentax K-5 & 50mm SMC Pentax-F 50mm 1.7 ~ Settings: 15 seconds – f/14 – ISO 100

On a little side note, I took this picture with my newly acquired Pentax K-5. I had the 50mm lens from an old film camera. I have always liked Pentax and thought I’d give one of their DSLR’s a try. Don’t take this the wrong way, I love Canon and most likely will always be a Canon shooter, but it’s fun to mix things up a little here and there ;).

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