Nice & Frozen Calgary

I went out last night around 6:30pm to take this picture. Little did I know just how cold it was. Once I set up my tripod, I whipped out my phone to check the temperature because I was already freezing. It was a bone chilling – 8 F! (-22C). I was only able to get 8 shots off before my toes were so cold they started to hurt! I took this as my que to head home (thankfully I live like 3 or 4 minutes from this location). Funny thing about this little outing is this picture was the very first one I took haha.

Calgary Alberta Canada Skyline downtown buildings bow river famous centre street bridge night YYC winter - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Photographer-1Camera: Pentax K-5 & 50mm SMC Pentax-F 50mm 1.7 ~ Settings: 15 seconds – f/14 – ISO 100

On a little side note, I took this picture with my newly acquired Pentax K-5. I had the 50mm lens from an old film camera. I have always liked Pentax and thought I’d give one of their DSLR’s a try. Don’t take this the wrong way, I love Canon and most likely will always be a Canon shooter, but it’s fun to mix things up a little here and there ;).

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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  1. incredible photo…love the light stars!!! You are most fortunate to live so close to such a beautiful photo op. Doesn’t look as though you have much in the way of snow? I’d love -8, today it is -25 with the wind chill…but at least it is bright and sunny! My first camera about 25 or so years ago was a Pentax…wasn’t really into photography then so it wasn’t used to the fullest potential, which is sad when I think about it!

      • It’s just that “f/14” isn’t on the usual series. It is, of course, a potential focal ratio, but all of my cameras with click-stop (detented) apertures go from f/11 to f/16.

        I can get intermediate apertures on some of my lenses. In particular, the Rodenstock on my view camera does not have click-stop

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