Canon 35L vs 28mm 1.8

Last night I decided to do a quick little “battle of the bokeh” type test with the Canon 35mm 1.4 L series lens & the 28mm 1.8 prime. Given the prices difference in these lenses (35L – $1,479.00 vs 28mm $509.00) I can’t say I’d recommend springing for the L, unless your eyes can’t see anything else but the bokeh (which I get haha).

Images are straight out of camera and I put the collage frame together with the Moldiv app on my iPhone, hence the shabby quality when viewed large haha. In any case I think you get the idea ;).

Canon 35L vs 28mm 1.8 bokeh battle - Rob Moses Photography.JPG

Un-scientific Test

If enough people want me to do a proper test between these 2 lenses I will, otherwise this will do the trick (it did it for me). 

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

8 thoughts

  1. The 28mm 1.8 comes across very well, just a little less depth of field with the 35mm/1.4 but with the price difference, the 1.8 looks good. I bought a Canon 50 mm/1.8 to go on holiday and loved its price, lightness and especially shooting portraits with it in the evenings-very inconspicuous and nice bokeh.

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