Nike Destroyer Hike

So my family and I went for a wicked hike just outside of Puerto Vallarta. I shot a little video along the way and thought it was worth sharing here. This is the first video I really used my DJI Osmo gimbal in and I am very happy with the results. I think I’m going to continue to use that gimbal for most of my videos moving forward.

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Skateboarding Around Puerto Vallarta

I spent a couple hours riding around on my skateboard in Puerto Vallarta one day. I cruised down the boardwalk and saw some cool statues, climbed one, took in the sights and saw some dude climb in a cage with a monkey! 😉

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Vacation in Mexico

I just spent a week in Mexico with my family. My wife and two children arrived in Cancun a day before the rest of the family arrived. So we spend a night in a hotel in what seemed to be a little more local (less touristy) part of the city. The next day when other people started arriving we headed to our restort about and hour south of Cancun at a place I believe was called Puerto Aventura.

The crew consisted of My family, my wife’s parents, my 2 sister in-laws and their boyfriends. Everyone had fun and there is just to many stories to write here. This post is just a bunch of pictures from my phone or GoPro (except for the funny family pic). I will be posting proper photos over the next few weeks.

image image imageimage image image imageDCIM100GOPROG0094120.
Processed with MOLDIV

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1000th Instagram Post!

I hit my 1000th post on Instagram yesterday! I though I’d do something a little fun for that post and put this picture together. I shot the photo with my Sony A7ii & 24-70mm sitting on a railing on a 10 second, 5 shot sequence timer. I sent the picture straight to my phone and added the text using the Moldiv app. If your on Instagram give me a follow! I’m @RobMoses there :).

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Click to view photo in a larger size.

Click to view photo in a larger size.

Oh Deer Vernon

Camera: Canon 6D & 70-200mm f4 IS at 200mm ~ Settings: f/4 – 1/500th – ISO 320

Yesterday I hopped on a little plane and flew out to Vernon, BC Canada. My parents in-law live in Vernon and I met up with my wife and kids who were already here. No longer then 30 minutes after arriving at the house my son told me to come take a look out in the back yard. To my wonderful surprise I saw this beautiful creature standing at the bird feeder having a nice little snack from him self haha. I quickly snapped a picture with my phone (insurance) and then bolted for the guest bedroom for my camera. I swapped the lens and went burnning back! Thankfully I was able to cap this shot off before he decided it was time to bounce :).

Camera:  iPhone 4s

Camera: iPhone 4s

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Side Note: I did this post on my ipad. I edited the deer photo with the Pixelmator ipad app and edited the airplane photo with the snapseed app on my iphone. 

Around The Bridge Shooting Mobile

Last week I decided to dig out my Sony QX100 and snap a couple of photos with it when I was walking downtown one day. In the first shot, I was crouching on the grassy hill by the street waiting for a biker to come by, when this guy came zooming I got the shot I was after :). In the 2nd shot I was perched on this little bridge look out and just took the shot when I had a few interesting people in the shot to hold down the bottom edge of the shot.

If you’re not familiar with the Sony QX100, it attaches (or not) to your phone via wifi and uses your phone as the view finder. It then saves a 18mp shot to a micro SD and a 2mp shot to your phone for sharing (there are many other saving options). The images are pretty good considering what it is, but the lens/camera is not exactly that mobile, as it does not fit comfortably in your pants pocket.


Camera: Sony QX100 with iPhone 4S ~ Edited in Snapseed App

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A Bike Ride to the Mayor

I was out on a bike ride along the Bow River here in Calgary taking some pictures this morning. I stopped at the Centre street bridge and shot a few photos and while I was at it I took some with my iPhone. For this shot I had a fisheye attachment called the Ollo Clip on my phone. The quality of the fisheye isn’t out of this world haha, but it’s a fun little accessory.

*Click photo to view larger & sharper*

Processed with MoldivCamera: iphone 4s & Ollo Clip Fisheye

While I was cruising on my bike I stopped off for a drink of water at a public fountain on Princes Island. When I looked up I saw the Mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi walking towards me! He was with a  few people he looked to be showing around, so I said a quick hello and snapped a quick picture with my phone :).  Fun times going down in Calgary this weekend!

Rob Moses Mayor Naheed Nenshi buddies pals Calgary dudes yyc celebrity famous random iphone 4s selfieCamera: iphone 4s front camera

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Calgary From My iPhone

It is finally getting nice around here in Calgary and snapped this shot yesterday afternoon with my iPhone 4s. I did an edit on the photo using the Snapseed app.

Processed with MoldivCamera: iPhone 4s

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From My Phone

I love taking pictures with my phone, just as I am sure many of you do too. Since I am taking so many pictures with my phone on a daily basis, I thought why not share some of them with you guys here. Sure you don’t get the image quality that you would get using Digital SLR, but you can still get some really great images out of your phone.

These days the phone I am using is the HTC One. However I still use an iPhone 4s from time to time, as I keep both phones on the go.

The shot I have shared here with you today is part of the north side Calgary skyline. I took this yesterday while out on a little stroll around Princess Island.

Rob Moses Photography Blog - Famous Calgary Canada Celbrity Skyline