A Bike Ride to the Mayor

I was out on a bike ride along the Bow River here in Calgary taking some pictures this morning. I stopped at the Centre street bridge and shot a few photos and while I was at it I took some with my iPhone. For this shot I had a fisheye attachment called the Ollo Clip on my phone. The quality of the fisheye isn’t out of this world haha, but it’s a fun little accessory.

*Click photo to view larger & sharper*

Processed with MoldivCamera: iphone 4s & Ollo Clip Fisheye

While I was cruising on my bike I stopped off for a drink of water at a public fountain on Princes Island. When I looked up I saw the Mayor of Calgary Naheed Nenshi walking towards me! He was with a  few people he looked to be showing around, so I said a quick hello and snapped a quick picture with my phone :).  Fun times going down in Calgary this weekend!

Rob Moses Mayor Naheed Nenshi buddies pals Calgary dudes yyc celebrity famous random iphone 4s selfieCamera: iphone 4s front camera

Thanks for stopping by, Rob


4 thoughts

  1. Looks like you’ve got a pretty cool mayor–although perhaps not as cool as Rob Ford, Canada’s most famous mayor . . .

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