Skateboarding Around

My family and I have been practicing our social distancing these days. We are taking the CoronaVirus very seriously around here, but we are still trying to have fun. After all, my boys are only going to be 9 & 11 this one year and just because the world is going to hell at the moment doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy the time I have with my boys.

We were walking out the door the other day to see what kind of fun we could have with our skateboards. We didn’t even get to the driveway before I though of this picture. So I handed my phone over to my 9 year old son Cameron and started jumping around off my stairs with my skateboard. I tried this a bunch of times, fell a bunch of times and landed few times. The whole process was fun with a lot of laughs and this wonderful picture my son took of me to show for it. These are the times I live for.

A few days prior to this picture we took our dog Juneau out for a little skateboarding down the street our neighbourhood high school. I snapped a few photos of the boys living it up with the dog. That was also a fun day. All this quarantine business has one massive upside, I get to spend so much more time with my boys and nothing makes me happier than that. . . Well except for the times I’m tearing them apart and everyones having a yelling contest that is lol. I guess we’ll have to look back on those times in the future to enjoy them ;).

Camera: Samsung s10 Plus

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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  1. Your kids will remember how you turned the pandemic lockdown into an adventure. My kids (all girls, so our “adventure” is a little more mild) still talk about our October Storm, when we were without electricity for a week and we did things like toast marshmallows over candles and play board games by candlelight.

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