Vacation in Mexico

I just spent a week in Mexico with my family. My wife and two children arrived in Cancun a day before the rest of the family arrived. So we spend a night in a hotel in what seemed to be a little more local (less touristy) part of the city. The next day when other people started arriving we headed to our restort about and hour south of Cancun at a place I believe was called Puerto Aventura.

The crew consisted of My family, my wife’s parents, my 2 sister in-laws and their boyfriends. Everyone had fun and there is just to many stories to write here. This post is just a bunch of pictures from my phone or GoPro (except for the funny family pic). I will be posting proper photos over the next few weeks.

image image imageimage image image imageDCIM100GOPROG0094120.
Processed with MOLDIV

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

16 thoughts

  1. Totally sick, seems to capture just a bit of all the good times I’m sure you enjoyed there. Beautiful, looking forward to more, Rob. Bill

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