Vacation in Mexico

I just spent a week in Mexico with my family. My wife and two children arrived in Cancun a day before the rest of the family arrived. So we spend a night in a hotel in what seemed to be a little more local (less touristy) part of the city. The next day when other people started arriving we headed to our restort about and hour south of Cancun at a place I believe was called Puerto Aventura.

The crew consisted of My family, my wife’s parents, my 2 sister in-laws and their boyfriends. Everyone had fun and there is just to many stories to write here. This post is just a bunch of pictures from my phone or GoPro (except for the funny family pic). I will be posting proper photos over the next few weeks.

image image imageimage image image imageDCIM100GOPROG0094120.
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Thanks for stopping by, Rob