Clock by the Lake

My wife and I went to Peachland BC yesterday.
I got a new phone and of course I had to test out the camera. We walked along the beach with our dog and found this beautiful old clock. I know these old style of clocks are somewhat common in old parts of towns and cities in North America, but I really love them. I like a lot of old things actually, old buildings, old houses, old clocks, old cameras and even old cars, however I draw the line at old phones haha. I dont mind being a year or two behind, but that’s about my limit.

These days the phones that are coming out all have such wonderful cameras on them that it’s hard not to want a new phone. When you can quickly reach in your pocket and have a camera with 3 prime lenses on it, your in pretty good shape. I picked up a Samsung s10 Plus and I am really loving it so far. I probably wont post a whole lot of mobile pictures on this blog (we’ll see though), but I’m sure I’ll post some from time to time as this phone is the camera I will have with me 100% of the time.














Camera: Samsung s10 Plus

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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