Random Beach

This is just some random beach I stopped at while cruising around Hawaii. It was a pretty wicked spot and I kind of wish I had hung out a little longer. Maybe next time! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Rob Advertisements

Sunny Beach

I took this picture while I was down in Cancun Mexico last. This particular beach seemed to get a ton of sun and had some really beautiful blue water. The sand was nice, the people were cool and I loved it! I kinda wish I was there right now to be honest with you. 😎

Director Park Portland

Portland, Oregon has some wonderful public spaces downtown. This one is especially nice! Super clean, good food and a nice location. If your ever kicking around Portland I’m sure (I hope) you’ll find yourself walking by here at some point. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Stranger in the Grass

I was at one of my favourite skyline view locations in Calgary getting a shot of the city yesterday. While I was there I noticed this man sitting in the grass reading. It looked like the scene out of a movie or something, so I thought it might make a good picture. I walked up …

Summer Cycle

Calgary has some nice biking paths around the city. There are some nice views and great places to stop along the way. I personally wouldn’t be caught cruising around on the paths right now as it is currently 16°F out and I’m sure I’d freeze to death and if that didn’t kill me I’d surely …

Buildings Over Here

I usually shoot photos of Calgary from the other side of town, because I think it looks nicer over there. From time to time I feel the need to shake things up a bit, so I grabbed this shot from the south side on my way home yesterday. Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Doable Winter

We are finally having some winter weather I can actually deal with in Calgary! It has been around 7C (44F) mark for the past couple weeks and it is only getting warmer in the forecast! I don’t know how long it can stay like this, but I’ll take whatever I can get. The warm weather …

Skateboarding in Airdrie

I was skateboarding at a skate park in a town 10 minutes north of the city yesterday. While I was there I noticed this guy skating one of the hand rails there and he was landing everything he tried. Prefect candidate to shoot a few photos of, so I asked him if that was cool. …

Bright Crossing

I made a quick stop to do a little street photography yesterday and shot this photo. It is actually a really great spot to shoot from because there is a bench to sit on right on the corner where I was. So you can basically just chill out and wait for the person to walk …