A Castlegar View

I shot this photo a couple weeks ago in Castlegar, British Columbia. I used my Minolta 800si & AF 50mm 1.7 with Kodak Gold 200 film. I find that this film really shines with nice light like this. I shot a bunch of other photos this same day with the same film, but the pictures just didn’t have this same kind of pop. The mix of sunlight and shadow make this an interesting picture to me. The beautiful landscape helps too. 😉

Camera: Minolta 800si & 50mm f/1.7
Film: Kodak Gold 200

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

2 thoughts

  1. Gold 200 is one of my favorites. The teal blues and warmth in the highlights is quite evident here. Personally, I like the grain, but for landscapes like this I’d probably opt for Ektar 100. Fun shot – Tobias

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