Westfalia Days

Driving around in this Westfalia van of mine is one of my favourite things to do. Climbing on top of the van is also a good time and perfect for a picture together. 😉 Shout out to my buddy Jeremy for hitting the shutter button for me. Thanks for stopping by, Rob Advertisements

Mountain Man

Yesterday my friend Jeremy and I took a little drive out to the mountains in my Westfalia van. We stopped off at a place called Barrier Lake and then wondered up a road we had never been on and found a little hiking trail. Following the short hike we were rewarded with an amazing view …

Thunder Bird Motel

I was on my way out of Missoula Montana and I needed to fill up my gas tank. I stopped at a gas station across the street from this motel. The sign caught my eye right away and I knew I had to get a picture. I am sure that sign must look awesome at …

Grizzly Bear

My family and I were driving through Glacier National Park this summer and we saw this Grizzly bear just wandering along the side of the mountain! The longest lens I had with me was a manual focus Canon FD 100mm f/2.8. When we saw the bear my camera had on a 24-70mm so I scrambled …

I've been posting some of my families van pictures here and there on another blog (letsgowesty.com). I figure I might as well reblog some of the post here too. :)
On our first drive through Glacier National Park in Montana I was completely blown away! I had no idea how beautiful it was. When we passed this spot on the way down I knew I needed to make a stop there to get a shot of the mountain and the van. Since stopping would be […]
via My Westfalia Wallpaper from Glacier National Park —

Brittany & Ben’s Canmore Wedding

Brittany & Ben’s wedding was a total blast. And talk about a location! When I was out scouting the location in Canmore I was blown away and on the day of the wedding the moody clouds were just wonderful. Pretty easy to get good shots with a fun couple like them with a back drop …

Down The Alley

I shot this photo this past summer in Nelson, BC Canada. The twinkle lights on the deck make a wonderful atmosphere and Nelson has some great alley views. This alley is probably my favourite because I love brick and the rolling street down this alley looks cool to me. The lights over the deck are …

Snowy Landscape

Anytime I get out in the mountains for some photos it’s a good time. This day was particularly beautiful. The right combination of bright light and clean snow makes for a good landscape view. Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Ski Village Sign

I took this picture up at the Silver Start Mountain Resort in Vernon, BC. I though the snow on the sign with the ski village background looked just perfect. I didn’t get anything at the bistro so I can’t speak to their product, but the sign is good! 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Morning Sun

I just caught the sun peaking over this massive mountain in Banff. Whenever I think of “The Rockies”, it’s a mountain exactly like this that comes to mind. Fun to catch it with the warm sun coming into the picture. Thanks for stopping by, Rob