A Warm Street in Mexico

As I sit here and it’s clearly freezing cold outside I can’t help but think back to last year around this time when I was walking around San Jose del Cabo, Mexico in a t-shirt and shorts. I love walking around taking pictures in warm weather. When the streets are icy like they are here right now, I can’t say that I enjoy being outside haha.

This picture is super random. I was just walking to the bus stop one day and as I reached the top of this little hill I just walked into the street and took this picture. There isn’t really anything special about this street (or the picture). But I do like hilly streets and I thought I’d just take the picture for myself. As I was looking through these pictures from last year I thought why not just share it. So there ya go, a random street in Mexico. Hopefully one day I’ll find myself walking down this street again.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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