I haven’t took a real picture of Joshua in a while and I needed to test out some Fuji film simulations. Joshua was kind enough to volunteer for photo shoot. Trying to get this kid to smile and look at the camera isn’t easy, he always just wants to make a serious face for some reason. Joshua has a beautiful smile and it makes me so happy when I see him smiling, so I’m going to have to figure out how to get this boy smiling in front of the camera more often.

The first picture here had a couple minor edits done do it, but nothing serious. The second shot is a straight out of camera jpeg.

Camera: Fujifilm X-T2 & 35mm f/2 with on Godox 860ii shot into a bounce umbrella to camera right.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

9 thoughts

  1. Kids are so funny. They go from that goofy stage where they do these crazy, cheesy smiles, to now…..when you couldn’t pay them to smile. It gets better…..Cute pics, though.

  2. I think sometimes kids are taught to be serious and “grow up”, it’s sad because there’s plenty of time to be a “grown up”. Glad you got a smile going on his handsome face🙂

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