Catching Dog Food

So just like nearly everyone else in the world I am in self quarantine at home right now (not that my regular life was much different TBH LOL, sad I know). With being relatively confined to the house I am so happy to have this brick wall to use as a backdrop for my photos! The wall is in a kind of a sunroom sort of speak, so it gets really hot in the day and cold in the evening. As long as I plan my photos in there at the right time the heat is not an issue.

Anyhow, about the picture! I have been wanting to shoot a photo like this for awhile (well ever since I got dog at least haha). Usually people use a plain background like grey or something and I was going to do that, but I though I’d use my favourite new brick wall and see how that looked. I used one flash to camera right shot into a white bounce umbrella.

My lovely little dog Juneau was a really good sport about this picture. I just grabbed her, sat her in her spot and started tossing food at her. She did walk away at one point, so I had to switch up the food for treats haha. Once she got bored a second time I just let her be because I knew I had got this shot and I was pretty happy with it.

Camera: Fujifilm X-T2 & 35mm f/2 ~ Godox 860ii

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

4 thoughts

  1. LOL! Dog is LOVE!
    Rob, the brick wall is fab.
    While you, I and hopefully MANY others are laying low, I suggest you use it a bit more.
    It is not a Rob Moses usual bg, but it is rich and worthy. What other subject(s) would work?
    You know a bowl of fruit against that wall could end up looking like a renaissance painting.
    Anyway, just throwing ideas out there. Perhaps this is a time of creative expansion for you.

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