Still Skateboarding

A lot of things in life change, somethings don’t. I have been riding around on my skateboard since I was around 8 years old. At times I skated more than others, but it has always been a part of my life and I’m sure it always will be in one way or another.

I shot these photos last night with the help of a friend. I set up the shot with on flash to camera right. I had my friend hit the shutter button for me while I did the skateboarding. 🙂 Thanks Nathan!

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On The Edge

I was wondering around the city last night looking for some new locations to shoot a photo. I went up a set of stairs between some buildings and ended up here. As soon as I got to the top of the stairs I new I wanted to get out on the ledge. I checked it out and had the vision for the photo in my mind right away. The ledge was on some pretty tight quarters, so I had my tripod spread out just enough to stand on the opposite side ledge and I put one flash on the ledge behind my left foot. I shot this photo with my Nikon 14mm f/2.8 and I don’t think anything less would have been up for the job. The picture turned out exactly like how I had pictured it in my mind and when that happens it’s always a good feeling.

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Brittany & Ben

I did an engagement shoot with Brittany & Ben last weekend. The weather was calling for rain and Brittany & Ben are in town from England and were leaving the next day, so rescheduling the shoot wasn’t exactly an option. Lucky for us the rain let up for pretty much the whole shoot. Thanks for that sky! I had so much fun with these two. Many laughs were had and we got some cool shots! Fingers crossed for better weather during the wedding next year, but either way I know we’ll have a good time and get some good pictures :).

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Little Skateboarder – Stills & Video

On Saturday afternoon my 6 year old son Cameron and I went for a little skate downtown. We were heading to the very popular Peace Bridge to get a shot of Cameron on his skateboard in the middle of the bridge. However, when we got there the wind was blowing like crazy and it was kind of a bad scene. We decided to hit the streets in search of a new spot to shoot a photo. We found a spot with smooth cement, places to leave our gear and set up our cameras with very little interruption from passerbyers.

Not only did we shoot photos, but we were also rolling video on the whole thing for my vlog. I didn’t realize how many times I had Cam push off on his skateboard for the photo until I was going over the video footage at home. I didn’t count how many times he did it, but it was a at least 30 times! For a 6 year old to have that kind of patience on a photo shoot is amazing. I also noticed he took direction very well. I was super impressed by all of this at the time, but even more so after the fact. I think he’d make a good little actor or model if he wanted to go down that road. For now I think we’ll just stick to the skateboarding though ;).

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New West Wedding Styles

exif-data-rob-moses-canon-7d-10-20mmI have a bunch of wedding photos that I posted to my old blog that shall never see the light of day again. I thought I would grab some of my favourite ones and post them on here from time to time.

I shot this one a while back in New Westminster, BC. The location was one that I often used and is one of my favourite locations in the city of Vancouver. I used one Canon Speedlite (Probably a 550EX) shot through a white umbrella to camera right. I used to shoot a lot more off camera flash back then, something I plan on doing more of these days.

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Click photo to view in a larger size.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

The Birthday Girl

I did a shoot the other day for a lovely woman and her daughter. The little girls second birthday was coming up and her mom wanted to get some photos for the occasion. These are a few of the ones I liked best 🙂

Little Girl 3 - Rob Moses Photography - Calgary Vancouver Seattle - Bokeh Child kid

Little Girl - Rob Moses Photography - Calgary Vancouver Seattle - Bokeh Child kid

Little Girl 2 - Rob Moses Photography - Calgary Vancouver Seattle - Bokeh Child kid

Little Girl 5 - Rob Moses Photography - Calgary Vancouver Seattle - Bokeh Child kid

Happy Birthday 😉

Fine Art to a Photographer

I shot this photo a couple years ago and it is still one of my favourite to date. I have it blown up movie poster size and hanging in my living room. The camera your looking into in the photo is one of the original Seagull TLR cameras before they changed their name to “Seagull”. The camera in the view finder of the Seagull is a Canon Pellix. Both wonderful and fun cameras in their own ways :).

I shot this photo with a Canon 7D and one Canon 550EX Speedlite shot through and umbrella. I had the Seagull set on my deck with the Canon Pellix sitting in front of it a few feet away. The flash was set up to camera left, pointed at the Pellix. It was really fun shooting this photo and I hope to do some more of this kind of thing in the near future.

TLR Seagull Celebrity - Canon Pellix Famous - Rob Moses Photography

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