Calgary Uptown Eastside

I shot this photo of Eastside Calgary last night. The look out where I took this picture is just a few blocks away from my house, so I figured rather than watch Seinfeld or Frasier for the millionth time, I’d go out and have some fun. Right after I had set up my camera and tripod the tallest building in the middle’s alarm started going off, something I had never seen before. There was a bunch of flashing lights going up and down the building inside. I thought you might be able to tell from the picture, but it looks rather normal to me. In any case, I still like the picture and it was cool to see.

Calgary Alberta Canada Famous Metro Urban Skyline - Rob Moses Photography - Big City Buildings Skyscrapers Skyscraper - PhotographerCamera: Canon 5D mark ii & Sigma 50-500mm @ 203mm ~ Settings: 30 Seconds – f/22 – ISO 640

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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