Happy Veterans & Remembrance Day

rob moses exif data sony a7ii Canon fd 50mm 1.4

Lens: Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 SSC

Massive big up to all the veterans who served their country! Incase someone doesn’t know, it’s Veterans Day today in the United States and Remembrance Day in Canada. This field of crosses is set up here in Calgary, Alberta Canada. It’s a nice thing to do to remind everyone of what people gave up in the past for this future.

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Click photo to view image in a larger size.

Click photo to view image in a larger size.


Scattered Sky

Camera: Canon 16-35L @ 35mm ~ Settings: f/18 – 1.3 seconds – ISO 800

Yesterday when I was on my way home I noticed the sky looked a little scattered. I thought it was worth stopping to grab a quick picture, so I did just that. I didn’t feel like dragging out my tripod and setting it up, because I was afraid the sun would completely go down and I’d lose all the colour in the sky while doing it. So I just place my camera on a ledge and used one of my fingers under one side to level it off and let the shutter go. Who needs Manfrotto when you got ManPhoto tripod ;).

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Note: I don’t really recommend this technique for long exposures, if you got the time just use your tripod.


Spring in Canmore, Canada

Last weekend I was out in Canmore, Alberta Canada to escape the city for a little bit. On Sunday morning I decided to go for a little “spring” walk and take a look around the town to see if I could get any good pictures. Although it looks more like winter in this picture, it was still a nice morning for a walk and I think these guys would agree :).

Canmore Alberta Canada Spring Mountain Town Street Photography - People Walking in Famous Town - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Calgary Photographer Photographer BokehCamera: Canon 6D & 50mm 1.4 ~ Settings: 1/4000th – f/1.4 – ISO 100

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Calgary Uptown Eastside

I shot this photo of Eastside Calgary last night. The look out where I took this picture is just a few blocks away from my house, so I figured rather than watch Seinfeld or Frasier for the millionth time, I’d go out and have some fun. Right after I had set up my camera and tripod the tallest building in the middle’s alarm started going off, something I had never seen before. There was a bunch of flashing lights going up and down the building inside. I thought you might be able to tell from the picture, but it looks rather normal to me. In any case, I still like the picture and it was cool to see.

Calgary Alberta Canada Famous Metro Urban Skyline - Rob Moses Photography - Big City Buildings Skyscrapers Skyscraper - PhotographerCamera: Canon 5D mark ii & Sigma 50-500mm @ 203mm ~ Settings: 30 Seconds – f/22 – ISO 640

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