Skyline View Walk

The other day went for a walk in Calgary‘s biggest inner city park, Nose Hill Park. I was up there shooting some photos of the mountains to the west. While I was shooting photos this nice lady walked by with her dog. By the time I decided to shoot a quick photo of her and change my settings she was too far for me to get her, the skyline and her dog in the frame, while keeping the amount of bokeh I wanted. I decided keeping the skyline in and skipping the dog would make a better picture, since the dog ran quite aways away from the lady and zooming so far out would have dramatically reduced the bokeh. I’m happy with how the picture turned out.

I added a picture of downtown Calgary from a little higher than I was for the woman walking shot. This isn’t the best spot for a Calgary skyline picture in my opinion, but it’s not bad as your higher than the city and it gives a little different perspective than the usual.

Woman walking dog famous nose hill park Calgary alberta Canada yyc skyline city urban - Rob Moses Photography - Photogapher
Camera: 5D mark iii & 70-300mm DO IS @150mm ~ Settings: 1/320 – f/5 – ISO 400

Calgary Alberta Canada famous skyline nose hill park city urban buildings sky - Rob Moses Photography - Photographer
Camera: 5D mark iii & 70-300mm DO IS @135mm ~ Settings: 1/80th – f/29 – ISO 1600

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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