The Worlds Greatest Modelling Dog

If you saw my last post you already know I did a photo shoot with my dog Juneau last week. If you saw the video I made with her then you surely would have seen how she is the world greatest modelling dog. While we were taking pictures she did everything I asked of her and more. This was the first time we went somewhere together for the sole purpose of taking pictures. I assumed she would do well because she is a well behaved dog in general, but she exceeded my expectations in how good and patient she was with me taking pictures of her. I honestly have a harder time getting a picture of my children! lol. I wish that was joke, but sadly it’s not.

We shot these photos on a foggy day near the top of Knox Mountain Park here in Kelowna, BC. I was shooting with my Canon EOS 3 and Sigma ART 50mm f/1.4 with Kodak Gold 200 in the camera. I am happy with how the gold looked with the scene, but I think a roll of Fujifilm would have better suited the conditions. Unfortunately I had already loaded up the camera before I left the house and saw all the fog over the top of the mountain. So grabbing a roll of Fuji was out of the question. With that said, I still think the pictures turned out nicely with the Kodak.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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  1. She has the most loyal, trusting face. Down here is a magazine ‘Garden and Gun’ (bad name, good magazine) that posts pictures of hunting/birding dogs on their covers. Juneau could be one of those cover girls!

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