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I put this video together for the intro page on my YouTube channel ( I thought I might as well share it here too. If you like that kinda thing subscribe to my channel and keep in touch. 😉

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Canon vs Sony 70-200mm

I have been shooting a decent amount with my Sony a7R these days and I have run into some auto focus speed issues along the way. I have found that Sony’s hit rate of moving subjects is noticeably lower than what I have been used to with my Canon gear. This issue rang especially true while I was shooting some soccer this summer with the Sony E-mount 70-200mm f4 G OSS. Since I have a Canon EF 70-200mm f4 IS I thought it might be interesting to do a little real world test of these to lenses head to head. Even thought I had an idea of how the test would go from my past experiences with both lenses, I was surprised at end result of this one.

For this video I employed my two children to help me out. My 6 year old son Joshua was my 2nd camera man and my 4 year old son Cameron was the test subject :). Oh and by the way, if you have a youtube account please subscribe to my channel. I am going to try and do a lot more videos than I have been doing. 👍

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