Leica M3 Videos

I recently got a Leica M3 rangefinder camera. I’ve been shooting with it the past month and getting to know the camera. I’ve loved nearly every moment I’ve had this camera in my hand. It’s fun to use and it just plain looks cool.

Loading film into this camera is not like any other camera. If you’ve ever loaded film into a camera, you’re probably used to the back the camera swinging open like a door and you load your film in that way. On this camera you take the bottom off and slid the film up! So weird. Anyhow I made a video of me loading the film for the first time and it went about as good as you might expect haha. I’ll add that video at the bottom of this post.

Once I had my film sorted I figured I’d better make a proper video of me shooting some photos with the camera. I did just that on Friday and I think the video turned out pretty good, give it a watch if you like that sort of thing.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

5 thoughts

  1. I know how film can be loading into a camera the first time. Or, the hundredth time. One time, I loaded a 36-exposure roll into my Canon SLR. I thought I loaded it properly. When I was out shooting, I had taken what I thought was 6-7-8 shots. I advanced the film to 9, but it didn’t feel right. Took the shot, advanced to the next frame. It still didn’t feel right. I thought I’m going to have to ruin this roll to see what’s the problem. When I opened the back, I thought I would find a mess. Fortunately, the film had come lose from the spool. Even better, none of the film had advanced. These days, I advance the film one click to make sure it takes before closing the back.

    It’s great to see you back, Rob.

    Oh, good thing you didn’t fall into the water. People would wonder what you were doing, in between your cursing, LOL. 🙂

    • Haha oh man that’s funny about the film loading. ya one time in the early 2000’s I bought this old Canon Pellix I think it was and I loaded up some Ektar 100 and spent so much time shooting that roll. Like 3 weeks carefully choosing each photo. And the place I bought the film from had a it set up so you buy the film and pay for the developing at the sometime, so I take it in for developing and the roll was empty!! lol. I didn’t load the film right. 😭. I was so mad. I quit film for a while after that lol.

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