Watching a Movie

I was out walking around taking pictures a couple days ago. As I was walking through this park by the lake I couldn’t help but notice a movie set. I stopped to take a look and ended up chatting with a couple extras and some other people that were there watching. The movie they were making is Hallmark Movie, but I can’t recall the name of the film. Anyhow, it’s fun to see what it takes to make a movie. So many people and different moving parts, it’s amazing.

Funny side note: I told my wife about the movie set when I got home. Then later that night she said she was talking to her friend who runs a talent agency and they needed extras (for that movie) who own a suit and asked me if I wanted to do it haha. I totally would have done it, but I actually had an appointment the next day to film some b-roll for a film I’m making. But who know’s maybe I’ll have another chance to walk around in the background another time. 😉

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

2 thoughts

  1. The better gig would be the still photographer on set. A couple of movies that were shot here, both productions had still photographers. Of course, they were imported, coming with production company. 🙂

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