December Sunset

I caught a little sunset action yesterday evening here in Kelowna. When I left my house I didn’t even have an idea of where I was even going. I just started driving down my street. I was about to turn at an intersection when the hill cough my eye. The sun was just about to set at this time and I figured it might be worth it to try and get onto the hill before the sun set.

This was my fist time shooting photos from this spot. I think it’s a nice view of Kelowna from here. You’re high enough up to get a good view of this side of town and the lake, but you’re not so high that you’re fully looking down on everything. I think this is a nice vantage point and I’m sure I’ll be shooting photos from here again sometime soon.

Camera: Fujifilm X-T2 & 18-55mm

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

3 thoughts

  1. Gorgeous place you live in. Love the colors at sunrise this time of year…I don’t see the colors west based on where we live, but we do get the morning action.

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