His First Real Camera

I gave my 6 year old son Cameron his first real camera today. He had been asking me for one for the past 6 months and he was very clear he wanted one like mine with a proper viewfinder, so no point and shoots would do. I told him I would be keeping my eye out for a good deal on a camera for him and today was the day. Cameron is now the happy owner of a good old Canon 20D! A camera I have a lot of experience with, as I shot one for a very long time back in the 20D days. He loves the camera and I think it will suit him just fine while he dips his toes into the wonderful world of photography.

When I gave Cameron the camera he was super excited and happy! I quickly showed him the basics and he ran out the door to shoot photos. I caught up with him about 45 minutes later and he was still wondering around the block taking pictures. We passed by this tree and he ask me to hold his camera. He shot up the tree, I gave him is camera back and he started taking pictures of this dog that was sitting in the grass. I’d say he’s got the right idea about getting a unique shot. Who knows, we just might have another photographer in the family. 🙂

Cameron’s Photo – Click to view in a larger size.

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Big Orange Bridge in Nelson

I spent last weekend in Nelson, BC. I didn’t get out to shoot photos as much as I would have liked, but I did get out one night to take this picture of the Big Orange Bridge. The moonlight was especially bright and it really added something special to the picture. I shot about 5 different angles before landing at this one. Once I saw this shot on my LCD, I knew it wasn’t going to get any better than that.

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This a friend of mine, Paul. We met up around midnight, downtown in Calgary. The time might seem odd and it is, but for this particular picture it had to be late at night. You see, Paul is standing in the middle of the street at busy (during the day) intersection. I wanted to shoot this photo in this location because the street behind Paul has all these lights on the trees and I thought it would make for a nice/interesting blurry background. The 2nd shot was actually the very first picture I took of Paul that night. I was just shooting it to test the light. To be honest that first test shot is probably my favourite shot of the night haha.

For this shot I used one flash shot into a bounce umbrella to slight camera left. The flashed I used was a Canon 550EZ. I used Yongnuo 622C ii triggers on my Fujifilm X-T1 to fire the flash.

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Fall Was Nice

I’d say we had a pretty decent fall here in Calgary this year. The two prior falls I experienced in Calgary were a lot shorter and winter blasted in from out of no where. This year it kind of eased its way into winter and I was able to adapt and mentally prepare for the Eskimo lifestyle I was about to endure. I took this picture a week or so ago, it has since snowed and this time it’s not melting away.

YYC Skyline Eastvillage east village river waterfront buildings tower skyscrapers city subway train - Rob Moses Photography -Calgary Photographer Photographers Native American Famous Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Good Canadian Awesome LifestyleCamera: Sony NEX-7 & 18-55mm @ 47mm ~ Settings: f/18 – 1/100th – ISO 200

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