A Walk By The Park

I was taking a walk through Hinge Park and obviously I’m going to shoot some photos on the way. At first I just wanted the first photo. I thought it’d look nice to have someone walking by on that path. As I was waiting for someone to walk by I noticed a couple people tossing around a frisbee. After I got my path shot I ran over for a quick frisbee shot, I got there just in time for a good catch! As for the girls walking on the path, not much explanation there. I was just getting on the path and figured I’d take a quick picture before I let my camera out of my hand.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob


2 thoughts

  1. Another apartment building is going up locally. I might need to carry my camera the next time, or shoot it with my phone. But, I have figured out the parking arrangement – a widened alley to accommodate angled parking. One space per apartment I presume. Guests would have to park on the street. I might have to schedule a walkthrough with a realtor to get the real scoop. 🙂

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