Taking Pictures

I shot this photo last night here in Calgary, Alberta. It was super cold and when I went out to shoot photos this wasn’t the idea I had. I was shooting a completely different photo before and then I ended up at this bench. When I first arrived at the bench I was trying shots where I was jumping off the bench, that didn’t really pan out either haha. After I got tired of jumping into the mud with my nice shoes I did thought I’d try a couple sitting down, then out of nowhere I thought to whip out my phone. Out of everything I tired last night this is the only one that worked out and that’s all I really need on any shoot like this, just one.

Oh I should add that I shot these photos with a super old school Minolta 58mm f/1.4 manual focus lens on my Sony a7R. I think I shot the jumping photo at 1.4 and the sitting photo at f/2.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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