Frosty Climb City

exif data Canon 5D mark iii 70-200mm Rob MosesI had to climb a pretty big fence for this shot. I had driven by this location a long time ago and thought I might be able to get a good shot if I was to climb up the fence. I just happen to be driving near that location again today and I thought with all the frost on the trees and the clear sky, it might be worth trying out. I’m glad I made the stop, because I love a picture with buildings mountains together :).

If you check out this link by around 11:30am on Sunday you can watch the Periscope video of me climbing haha. Climbing Periscope Video

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Click photo to view in a larger size.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

11 thoughts

  1. “Hahaha” love the Periscope vid… better…I love Joshua’s comments.. like… EPIC! LOL!
    Thanks Rob! The shot is fab & you have one heck of an entertaining blog!

    • Thank you! As for protecting my valuable camera equipment in the cold and snow. Here is what I do, , , nothing. haha. I just use my stuff as I always do. These cameras are made to take a beating in all types of conditions, and believe me, I give it to them! ;).

      • Haha ya the cold keeps me in a lot too! But ya, don’t worry about your gear it’ll hold up just fine. If your really worried about you can put your camera (with camera bag) in your trunk for a bit before you leave for the camera to get climatized and then when you get home just bring it inside and leave it in the camera bag to slowly warm up again inside.

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