Cold View

rob moses exif data Canon 5D mark iii 16-35mm L

I went out to shoot a few photos last night here in Calgary and I had to bust out the ol winter jacket! It was crazy windy and pretty cold. As if the cold night wasn’t enough, I woke up to snow on my car and lawn haha. Thankfully it’s all melted now and the forecast is calling for warmer weather after today!

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Click to view photo in a larger size.

Click to view photo in a larger size.

7 thoughts

  1. It was cold and the snow is a wakeup call that winter is coming.

    None the less, I will continue to live in the moment and try to enjoy these winter days when nature rests up snuggled beneath a blanket of snow gathering energy to burst forth with life in the spring and I will try not to focus on the knowledge that summer is 260 days away Rob. ❤
    Diana xo

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