Lake of the Stars

rob moses Canon 5D mark iii 3 16-35mm exif data

Last thursday night I took a little trip to the mountains in and effort to escape the city lights. With me being an urban type of guy, this is some what out of character for me. However, I do enjoy a bit of fresh air and a starry sky from time to time and I have a friend who is all about this type of thing. I gave my friend a call and we hit the road.

After shooting a number of shots from above a little cliff and then in the other direction all together, I decided to try getting some shots down by the lake. I had a square shaped LED flashlight with me and decided to try to see how it would look pointed at my back. I was happy with the first few attempts, but I knew I needed something just a little extra. I thought a little light on the water and in the trees would be just right, so I waited. . . And waited and waited until a I could hear a car approaching. I had the camera on a 10 second timer and a 13 second exposure, so I had hit it just at the right time for me to get the light where I wanted it. Lucky for me my estimation was about right and the light landed right where I wanted it too! That bit of light didn’t exactly make the photo, but it sure helped and was worth the wait.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Click to view image in a larger size.

Click to view image in a larger size.

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